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Decrease Stress – Increase Energy - Boost Your Immune System

The inward focus of Pilates training and use of breath can help regulate the nervous system. This, in turn, can take you out of fight-or-flight mode, lower cortisol, and decrease stress. Pilates improves cardiorespiratory capacity. This stimulates feel-good hormones, oxygen flow, and blood circulation. Pilates improves circulation and along with improved circulation comes improved immune system function. The low impact exercises, do not leave you feeling fatigued. Instead, “Contrology” gives you a boost of energy after a workout.

the core & your posture

The core is all of the surrounding muscles of the trunk. Pilates’ Contrology strengthens the deeper abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor. These muscles work like a brace to lift and support the organs and protect and stabilize the back. Muscles that are loose and weak (Super Flexible People) or tight and rigid (Body Builders) make the body more susceptible to injury.

Contrology balances the muscles of the body so that they are
neither loose and weak nor tight and rigid. When these muscles become stronger they are more pliable. Strong pliable muscles are a key factor to decreasing back and hip pain.


Mat classes are held in one of the very first infrared heated Pilates studios. We use mats that are equivalent to those used on Pilates Cadillacs, providing ultimate support for your joints. This enhances your workout experience by allowing you to focus on the engagement of your body. In addition to the mats, various props are used for deeper Muscle engagement including Pilates barrels, Magic circles, ped-o-pul springs, barbells, dumbbells & Indian clubs. Props are provided for individuals with range of motion limitations like cervical and lumbar pillows exercise straps hip boosters.

injury prevention


Pilates is a mind-body exercise system that enhances body awareness. With enhanced body awareness, you are better able to respond to stimulus, which can prevent injuries and falls. Pilates improves balance and gait because the focus is alignment of the whole body. Pilates brings awareness to your alignment and strengthens neglected postural muscles. Pilates training flows with smooth transitions between precise, slow, controlled movements.

Instead of stretching after resistance training, Pilates exercises are a combination of the two. These isometric exercises improve strength, flexibility, and mobility. Research performed on athletes in multiple sports demonstrates Pilates Training improved speed, gains in muscle mass and trunk strength.


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